Chartered town planners and particularly those with many years of experience both in the private and public sectors simply know how the process works.

As soon as we are introduced to a project we begin digesting the information and crystalizing what the key issues for the development will be. This includes both site specifics and also the planning policy context in which the application will be considered.

We set strategies in our minds and run them through the planning process. We know what specialist reports are necessary and what can be introduced at a later stage – minimising costs along the way.

We are chief strategists and, with a detailed understanding and experience of how the planning system works, we are able to implement strategies for bringing development forward and make sure that our clients get the best deal to suit their needs as quickly as possible.

When the strategy pays off and we achieve an approval we also make sure that the decision issued is the best it can be including that it is lawful, implementable and is not subject to any unreasonable conditions or restrictions.

The planning world never stands still and this is reflected in ever-evolving stream of legislative changes – from national policy, case law, appeal decisions and local policies. You have to be immersed in the planning world to keep up with it. We keep up with it on your behalf and as either a prospective client, an existing client, or a past client we will always let you know when we think something has changed to your benefit.